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Sorry about this, but the RSS link for Hot Topics has changed. Please use the links to the right or go to to subscribe.

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As you’ve no doubt noticed, the schnitgercorp website has undergone a major renovation. We did this to make the site easier to read and navigate. Of course, the web design tool selected for its built-in search feature appears to have a bug in its search server links,...

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PTC tries to sell investors on growth strategy

PTC gave a comprehensive presentation of its financial status, goals and milestones at its user conference earlier this month. The headlines from the event focused on the announcement that revenue would come in at the low end of the company's guidance for the June...

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Busy busy — quick updates

Too busy to craft anything long or thoughtful -- I know I owe you a more detailed analysis of PTC's investor presentation -- but in the meantime:- are companies getting too big? I've been talking to people responsible for coordinating PLM implementations in globally-...

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Autodesk ups the ante on displaced worker programs

Autodesk announced today that the 4,700 participants in its "Autodesk Assistance Program" have downloaded more than 5,400 products since the program was announced 6 weeks ago. Due to this success, the company is increasing the number of available products in...

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