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Hip like me!

Never let it be said that I am not cool. I have a Nintendo Wii -- and now an avatar, courtesy of where you can get one too. More serious stuff coming after vacation. Lots of earnings, Autodesk acquires more companies -- and announces how...

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Autodesk gives first look at Plassotech integration

You may remember that Autodesk expanded its footprint into CAE with the acquisition of Plassotech just about a year ago. At the time, Plassotech had a small but devoted following; many thought its CAE solutions were on par with more established, extensive offerings...

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PTC continues to roll

PTC announced earnings after the market closed on July 22, reporting revenue of $273 million for the fiscal third quarter of 2008, ahead of expectations – and up 21%,over last FQ3 due in no small part to the contribution of CoCreate. A couple of interesting tidbits...

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Strategic discovery?

A couple of people have asked about the tagline, Strategic Discovery. Yes, it sounds legal (discovery is the process by which each side in a suit learns what the other side knows). But it also means that the research I do is used to make long-term and far-reaching...

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Coffee and usability

I'll admit it: I go to Starbucks. Last year, in an effort to figure out why coffee sales were slumping, Starbucks asked non-customers what it would take to get them to buy Starbucks coffee and learned that these folks required a milder, less acidic blend. Enter...

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And the big get bigger

What did I write last week about the opportunity in PLM for small companies to innovate -- and ultimately be gobbled up by a giant? Dassault Systemes announced yesterday that it was buying Engineous Software, a "market leader in process automation, integration and...

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