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The Tata Nano: "Triumph of Indian Ingenuity"

That's how the BBC referred to the $2000 car introduced yesterday in India. Their reporterhad a chance to test-drive the car and said it was surprisingly ... not disappointing. At leastaccording to the BBC, there had been concerns that Tata's price target of 100,000...

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IBM buying Sun?

Sun Microsystems' share price has nearly doubled since Wednesday on rumors that IBMis interested in acquiring the troubled hardware maker. For many old-timers Sunworkstations were the first non-proprietary hardware on which CAD software was availableand their...

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Update: MSC exec change — Investors like!

Yesterday I wrote that investors seemed lukewarm to the the change in CEO and COO atMSC, with Ashfaq Munshi taking over. By the close of trading, MSC shares were up 11%and look to open "up" today signalling that shareholders have confidence in Mr. Munshi...

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Happy Pi Day!

Yes, it's that time again: tomorrow, March 14, marks Pi Day. For those who need therefresher, Pi= 3.1415926535... (3.14 -- get it?) According to the day's website, Pi Day is"celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world". Economy got you down?...

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Management shake-up at MSC Software

MSC today announced the departure of Chairman and CEO Bill Weyand and Glenn Weinkoop, President and COO, and their replacement by Ashfaq A. Munshi as interim Chief Executive Officer and President. The company's Board of Directors has retained a national firm to...

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ESI Group reports steep drop-off in Q4

ESI Group today reported revenue growth of 2% to EU70.2 million for the fiscal year endedJanuary 31, 2009. Excluding acquisitions, revenue declined about 5% from fiscal2007/2008. Like other engineering software companies, business slowed dramaticallyduring Q4: ESI...

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Twenty-five years of VAR success

A lot of press releases come in every day and few are all that notable. One of today's stands out, not for its content so much as for what it represents. Autodesk is holding its annual VAR (value-added reseller) conference this week and issued a release congratulating...

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Bentley moves user conference online

It's official: citing cuts in its customers' travel budgets, Bentley has moved its userconference online, reframing the content as a series of webinars. Given the cost toBentley to stage the annual extravaganza, this only makes sense, as its revenue is likelystresses...

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MSC rides a winding road

MSC Software proved last week that it is not immune to the slowdown in spending seenby other PLM suppliers. Total Q4 revenue of $65 million was down 9% from a year ago,leading the company to an operating loss for the quarter. For the year MSC reported totalrevenue of...

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ANSYS – weak Q4 leads to worries about 2009

ANSYS shares were hammered late last week, falling to a 52-week low after the companydramatically lowered its forecasts for 2009 -- even though results for 2008 were OK.On the plus side:- CEO Jim Cashman said that companies continue to see a need to innovate, and...

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Stimulus bill: what’s in it for PLM?

The Wall Street Journal posted a handy summary of the 1,073-page stimulus bill signedby President Obama on Monday. It's possible that the bill contains provisions not in theJournal's table, but judging by the summary, Washington is hoping that consumerdemand will perk...

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Invention Machine wants to help you innovate

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to hear Boston Scientific speak about how it sought to build a culture of invention and discovery that leads its various businesses to successful new products. Randy Schiestl, VP R&D, and Jude Currier, cardiovascular knowledge...

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Autodesk’s plans for Algor shaping up nicely

I recently had a long chat with Autodesk's Amy Bunszel, product marketing manager inthe Manufacturing Solutions Division(MSD), about the company's plans for Algor.First of all, all Algor employees will remain in Pittsburgh. Mike Bussler, founder of Algor,will not be...

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