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Autodesk’s plans for Algor shaping up nicely

I recently had a long chat with Autodesk's Amy Bunszel, product marketing manager inthe Manufacturing Solutions Division(MSD), about the company's plans for Algor.First of all, all Algor employees will remain in Pittsburgh. Mike Bussler, founder of Algor,will not be...

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Hits and Misses of 2008

It's been quite a year -- like most, filled with stuff both good and bad. My top 10 happenings, all related to engineering software:1. Hit: The CAE vendor landscape changed dramatically, as ANSYS bought Ansoft andexpanded its applications footprint even further;...

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Peace on Earth

Goodness -- that would be quite an announcement. It's more of a wish ...As the year winds down, we'd like to wish all of our friends and colleagues a joyousholiday season. May your 2009 be better in every way.

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ESI Group cautiously optimistic about Q4

ESI announced Q3 results today that were good -- and not foreshadowing gloom. It's thefirst company to announce results that included October, after the world went into thecurrent financial meltdown. Total revenue for Q3 was up 4% to €13.4 million, with...

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Altair shows the softer side of capitalism

Last week, Altair Engineering announced that it would offer free training courses andsoftware licenses to displaced engineers in southeast Michigan who want to grow theirCAE expertise to increase their marketability to employers. If the program is successful,it may be...

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Autodesk University: 10,000 stories

Autodesk University was, as always, overwhelming. Perhaps nine or ten thousand people at the Las Vegas Venetian Resort’s convention center, attending any one of several dozen sessions going at any one time. I tried to hit as many as sessions possible, but could only...

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Quick news roundup: AVEVA has great H1, ESI buys VDOT

I'm off to Autodesk University shortly, so this will be brief; more coming after I'm back. AVEVA announced terrific results for their half-year ended September 30, 2008 -- and their shares fell like a stone. The results: revenue increased 32% to £74.8 million (up 31%...

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Autodesk sees tough times ahead

Autodesk reported good results for the quarter ended October 31, 2008 but spoke ofuncertainty ahead. Since the earnings release happened at the same time as the AutodeskManufacturing group’s industry analyst event described below, I was unable to participate inthe...

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Digital prototyping, Autodesk style

Autodesk’s Manufacturing group, headed by Buzz Kross, hosted an industry analyst day inLake Oswego, Oregon this week. Kross and his staff presented Autodesk’s “democratizing”vision for the manufacturing space, tying together industrial design, engineering,...

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Webinars 101

I get to/choose to attend lots of webinars, seminars hosted on-line to demonstrate technology, inform participants of new releases or teach attendees about a particular subject. Webinars are invariably interesting, but some organizations are FAR better than others at...

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