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Altair adds Univa to its HPC offering

Altair just announced that it has acquired Univa, a maker of workload management, scheduling, and optimization solutions for high-performance computing (HPC), on-premise and in the cloud. Altair says Univa's Grid Engine is a distributed resource management system that...

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ESI Q2 revenue slowed, company sets up for growth

ESI Group reported Q2 results yesterday, to round out our PLMish earnings for the quarter ended June 30, 2020. First the details, then some comments: Total revenue in Q2 was €26 million, down 13% as reported and down 14% in constant currencies (cc)License revenue was...

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Bentley files its IPO — again. Finally.

So much S-1 to read ... so little time. You can see the filing for yourself here. A couple of quick highlights from the front of the document: This is an IPO for shares owned by others, as a way of creating a liquid market for Class B shares. Bentley states upfront,...

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FARO buys Traceable 3D

Superquick: FARO Technologies just announced that they've acquired Advanced Technical Solutions in Scandinavia AB ("ATS"), maker of Traceable 3D, which combines measurement, technology, and methodology in a single workflow. The point? Repeatable data capture and...

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AspenTech continues trend of good PLMish news

We're learning a lot about what works and what doesn't when a global pandemic hits -- there's no guarantee that this will work next time but, so far: low-touch subscriptions sales and renewals, anything that lets people work remotely, and risk reduction technologies...

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AVEVA says it’s in talks to acquire OSIsoft

It’s been rumored for a while that Schneider Electric is thinking about acquiring OSIsoft; today AVEVA said in a press release that it was in talks for the deal. (Schneider Electric owns most of AVEVA.) If you're just tuning in to this news, OSIsoft makes PI (Plant...

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Autodesk responds to Revit users; I give it a C+

You may recall that last week a group of Revit users issued a public letter to Autodesk, in which they laid out their frustrations regarding a perceived lack of investment in Revit -- all while prices rose. It was signed by 17 architecture firms, though backed by more...

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Super-Quick: Update on Siemens + SAP Teamcenter

We're starting to get answers to some of the open questions about the partnership SAP and Siemens announced earlier this month, regarding the integration of Siemens' Teamcenter and SAP's S4/Hana. Many questions aren't answerable yet; it's just too early. We don't know...

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What do you do when your customers revolt, publicly?

If you're outside the world of AEC (or lucky enough to be on vacation) you might have missed it: Seventeen of Autodesk's most influential AEC customers wrote an open letter to CEO Andrew Anagnost, criticizing the company for continually raising prices on what they see...

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