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DDD Q4 revenue up 45% on printer demand

3D Systems (DDD) today reported record revenue for both Q4 and fiscal 2012, as the hype around rapid prototyping continued to drive demand for its 3D printers and supplies. Q4 revenue was up 45% to $102 million; organic revenue was up 19%. For the year, revenue grew...

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CAE competence management: are we ready?

There's an apocryphal story in CAE: A number of years ago, an auto company decided to see how consistently CAE was applied across its organization. Management asked a number of individual analysts to solve the same problem using the same code. Lo and behold, many...

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Many signals positive as HEXA, NEMT and TRMB report

We've recently heard from three of the main publicly traded players in infrastructure software and this week we start hearing from some of their main customers. It seems, therefore, like a good time to review what's being said about the climate for software spend on...

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Cimatron shares tumble after earnings release

Cimatron is a funny little company whose shares are traded on both the NASDAQ in the US and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel. Even so, not one investor asked a question during the earnings call, which meant it was over in minutes -- but also means that we didn't...

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Vero acquires SURFCAM

The CAM world grew one company smaller today, as Vero Software announced that it has acquired the SURFCAM assets from Surfware, Inc. According to Surfware, SURFCAM, a CNC programmer for 2, 3, 4, and 5 axis machining, has been installed on over 26,000 systems since the...

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SolidWorks World 2013: It’s a wrap!

Another SolidWorks World has come and gone -- and it was a terrific event. A couple of things didn't fit into the other blog posts (day 1 and day 2), so we'll cover them here. The day 3 keynote presentations can be found here. The SolidWorks 2014 preview session isn't...

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A bit OT: The power of community

One of the best aspects of SolidWorks World every year is the sense of community one feels. It starts in the airport when a bunch of people pile onto the plane and start up conversations based on a backpack or shirt from a prior event. Keeps going on the flight as...

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PTC reports lackluster FQ1, focuses on portfolio

As you undoubtedly know by now, PTC recently announced results for its fiscal first quarter. In a nutshell, FQ1 2013 non-GAAP revenue was $321 million, flat year over year but up 2% on a constant currency basis. License revenue was $79 million, down 11%; excluding...

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SolidWorks World, The second 24 hours

Monday's SolidWorks World keynote session is tilted towards the company, with presentations from CEOs and other leaders. We take a completely different tack on Tuesday and focus on customer accomplishments in the morning general session. Yes, a couple of customers...

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Quickies: Hexagon acquires, Geometric reports

Just because we're off celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day or the US Presidential Inauguration, or here in Orlando at SolidWorks World doesn't mean lots wasn't happening in the rest of the world. A quick recap of what you might have missed: Hexagon adds...

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SolidWorks World, The first 24 hours

User conferences are always fun: lots of technology to see, interesting and perhaps unusual motivational speakers, user stories galore. SolidWorks 2013 is no exception, as 4,500 of the SolidWorks faithful made the trek to Orlando this year. All of the users I've...

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SolidWorks World, here we come!

I just landed in Orlando, FL , fresh off plane-load of people with 2 things on their minds: Mickey Mouse and SolidWorks World. I'm hoping to get in a bit of both, learning what's new in the 2013 release, what's coming and, perhaps, what's not. I'll be in the general...

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Quickies: Catching up on earnings

While some of us were out of the office over the holiday break, others were clearly hard at work generating news, including a couple of earnings items. Softech continues to get its financial house in order, completing both a private placement of shares in December and...

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Acquisitions just keep coming: Autodesk, Hexagon

Just a couple of days ago, we posted a quick recap of recent acquisitions -- and already that post needs to be updated with new info. Autodesk announced that is has acquired PI-VR, maker of VRED, real-time visualization technology that's used primarily by automotive...

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Quickies: Acquisitions news from the break

Welcome back! While some of us were out of the office, others were clearly hard at work and doing more than sipping eggnog. This week, we'll try to catch up. Acquisitions didn't seem to slow down one bit as the year rolled over, as a number of companies announced...

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