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Totally OT: Las Vegas, love it or ??

As you know, I travel a lot for work and most often wind up in Las Vegas since that's where many companies seem to hold user conferences and sales kickoffs. I can certainly see the attraction for the hosting company: lots of hotel rooms, convention space of apparently...

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AVEVA’s World Summit focused on E3D & vis

At last year's World Summit, AVEVA unveiled its vision for the future of plant design, Everything 3D, aka E3D. This year's event didn't have that big a moment, but had a series of smaller moments all centered around the visual impact of information. Whether for...

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Autodesk goes CAM!

Autodesk announced this week that it is offering £20.75 per share (for a total of about £172.5 million) to acquire Delcam, the publicly traded UK-based vendor of CAM-specific CAD, manufacturing and inspection solutions. Delcam reported 2012 revenue of £47.1 million,...

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Hexagon’s Q3, Shell & rentals

While I was wandering in East and North Yorkshire, 3D Systems, Accelrys, FARO, Hexagon, Nemetschek and other companies announced results for the September quarter. Time for recaps so, first up, in keeping with the Plant/Infrastructure theme we have going, let's focus...

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Autodesk acquires class-A sufacing from VSR

Autodesk announced on Monday that it has acquired "certain technology assets" from Virtual Shape Research GmbH (VSR), a developer of class-A surface modeling and conceptual design software. In an always-awkward turn of phrase, the company said that "[a]s part of the...

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Bentley Inspired by Infrastructure

Bentley Systems' Be Inspired awards felt different this year. It's always a showcase of tough, complex infrastructure problems like righting the Costa Concordia, bringing clean water to underserved populations, or building a massive rail structure under a vibrant city...

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Engineers RULE: Righting the Costa Concordia

Were you glued to the TV/Interwebs the day the Costa Concordia was righted? I definitely was. The cruise ship ran aground and capsized off the Italian island of Giglio nearly two years ago, where it has lain as engineers, regulators and environmental activists tried...

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Totally OT: Yorkshire, sheep & weather

I'm in the UK for Bentley Systems' annual media/analyst event but need to tell you about my recent vacation: walking what might be the UK's least-known National Trail, the Yorkshire Wolds Way. The Wolds Way runs 80 miles, from Hessle (near Hull on the Humber River) at...

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Autodesk’s Dynamo changes conceptual design

Have you ever sat though a 4+ hour meeting? You get kinda dozey, right? That happened to me a few weeks ago as I was listening to Autodesk's investor day presentations. It was long, there were interesting bits, but .... Then SVP Amar Hanspal showed a little video of...

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The ups & downs of license model choice

We learned earlier this week what can happen when customers are offered a choice and pick something unexpected: Dassault Systèmes announced that it failed to meet its third quarter 2013 revenue goals, in part, because more customers opted for rentals/subscription than...

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PI Congress wrap-up: lots of PLM

Last week, I attended the Product Innovation Congress (PI Congress, for short), put on by MarketKey in a rather ...unusual... hotel outside Chicago. This was the 2013 edition of last year's PLM Innovation Americas conference, which focused a lot on PLM implementations...

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Quickies: DS preannounces Q3 miss, Hexagon acquires

It's a holiday for some here in the US, but the PLMish world hardly slows down! First up, Dassault Systèmes announced that it had missed its Q3 targets, with preliminary data showing non-IFRS revenue of €496 million, €24 million short of the company's forecast of €520...

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Hexagon’s snaps up AHAB for surveying

It's only Tuesday and Hexagon has already announced two acquisition this week! Yesterday, it was mining and Devex; today it's GIS and Airborne Hydrography AB (AHAB), which develops and markets airborne laser survey systems for hydrographic (seabed) and topographic...

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Bentley expands offshore offering with MOSES

Lately I've been doing a lot of work on how the offshore industry does design and analysis (more about that soon, I hope) and have a deep appreciation for what goes into the design, fabrication, transportation and installation of these mammoth structures. Bentley...

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PTC levels up its global support offering

At PTC Live in June I had the chance to sit down with PTC execs to learn more about the company's revamped services offering. I was impressed by what PTC is trying to do to grow its relationship with customers beyond a software sales transaction with some maintenance...

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Rand divests, focuses for fiscal 2014

Rand Worldwide, the Autodesk reseller and provider of proprietary solutions, just announced that revenue for the fiscal year ended June 30 was up slightly, but the accounting effect of the sale of its international operations led to a sharp decline in net income. The...

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