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3D Printing Earnings: up Up UP

Things are jumping in the world of 3D printing. We've got earnings, partnerships, acquisitions and boosters so let's get right to it. If you're a veteran, be sure to read the last paragraph. Some are predicting that the market for 3D printing is poised to explode when...

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Autodesk Q2 revenue down, AEC investments pay off

So this is interesting: I'm watching Autodesk's share price the morning after the company announced relatively dismal results for its second quarter -- and the price is climbing. Last night, after the market closed and Autodesk released its earnings info, the price...

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CAM Earnings: Manufacturing the future

While some of us are on a beach, sipping drinks with little umbrellas, others are busily telling Wall Street (or London City) what's going on in their businesses. Today, we'll take a quick look at recent earnings from CAM vendors Cimatron and Delcam. Cimatron earlier...

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ANSYS Q2 revenue up 10%, sees some volatility

ANSYS struggled in Q1 and, apparently, at the start of Q2 but seems to have ended the quarter with a bang. CEO Jim Cashman told investors that Q2 saw strong contributions from all parts of the business, across all product areas and from software license, maintenance...

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DS’ Q2 ahead on some metrics, not on others

Dassault Systèmes’ earnings announcements keep getting more complex, mixing lots of different revenue metrics, acquisitions, currency and abstruse international accounting. FQ2 2013 was no exception. Let's see what we can figure out. The most obvious point from the...

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PTC: FQ3 challenging with pockets of strength

Earlier this evening, PTC  reported fiscal third quarter (ended June 30) results that were at the bottom end of expectations -- but the headline is that the company sees a tough economic outlook and decided to lower its Q4 forecast. Again. CEO Jim Heppelmann said...

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Quickies: PTC acquires, DS closes, Hexagon sells

There's a lot of acquisition news coming out of the PLMish universe, so let's catch up a bit while we wait for earnings to really heat up later this week. PTC last week announced that it acquired Enigma, a company whose products aggregate and deliver technical content...

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MuM says slow Q2, but demand picking up

A few weeks ago, AVEVA teased that it had seen "good" conditions in the market for its engineering and enterprise solutions, but without giving any numbers. European company Mensch und Maschine (MuM) today painted a slightly different picture,  reporting that it had...

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Autodesk Fusion 360 – it’s here!

A couple of weeks ago, Autodesk formally released Fusion 360, the not-at-all secret CAD product the company has worked on for the last couple of years. If you remember, the company showed off a pre-Beta version of the product at a Design Slam contest at AU about 6...

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AVEVA kicks off earnings in high style

AVEVA announced yesterday that the June quarter was a "good start" to its fiscal 2014; happy investors sent its share price up 14% for the day. These interim announcements don't include many actual numbers, so AVEVA uses qualifiers to describe progress. The company...

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CD-adapco brings HEEDS in-house

CD-adapco today announced that it has acquired Red Cedar Technology, maker of HEEDS Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) software and SHERPA, a search method to find optimum designs. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. This is big, in that it takes CD-adapco...

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#SEU13: YouTube, GrabCAD, 1300 enhancements — oh my

Solid Edge University is a treat. These are serious, hardcore CAD guys who don't have time for a lot of the other stuff that's crept in around the edges of CAD for the last 20 years. Give them surfacing enhancements, and they're happy. Give them ways to make drawings...

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MakerBot + Stratasys = Mainstream to Industrial

Back on June 19, Stratasys ended weeks of speculation and announced that it was acquiring MakerBot, merging the business and DIY/maker markets for 3D printing. We all could see this coming, right? The only question was when and how and who. MakerBot was founded in...

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Hey – Google Readers, listen up!

It's almost time to say goodbye to Google Reader, that oh-so-modern equivalent of a local, town newspaper. As you may know, it’s shutting down on July 1st, and when it goes, it’s taking  your subscriptions with it! If you read this blog via Google Reader, you have a...

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Hot guitar riffs & cool announcements from PTC Live

PTC has spent the last, well, decade redefining itself. For a long time, it was the feature-based modeling powerhouse in a direct-modeling CAD world. Then it decided CAD was passé and devoted itself to building a PLM platform. Most recently, PTC entered the brave new...

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Trimble adds more automation to the job site

Have you ever wondered how a construction site works? It's much more complicated  -- and way higher-tech -- than most people realize. Trimble has been on a mission over the last 5 years or so to bring technology to the job site, since that's often the part of the...

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ESI Q1: buoyed by BRIC and OpenCFD

Still working to catch up on what happened while you were at PTC Live? Me too! Honestly, it would be so much simpler if everything just went on hold while we're these things, right?! Not gonna happen, so catch-up it is. In addition to 3D Systems trying to acquire...

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3D Systems moves into metal, snaps up Phenix

Not surprisingly, while a lot of us were at PTC's Live Global user conference in Anaheim this week, everyone else was doing ... whatever they were doing. And that, it turns out was quite a bit. 3D Systems Acquires (Most of) Phenix Systems 3D Systems makes what are...

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