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Happy Holidays!

Our world is a troubled place. I, for one, plan to unplug for a few days, hope for snow (but not too much) and enjoy my family and friends. And perhaps too much Stollen. We'll see. I wish the same for you and look forward to continuing our conversation in the new...

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AU 2014: a potent mix of strategy and tactics

I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around Autodesk University and am still not sure what my main takeaways are — and it ended almost two weeks ago! On the one hand, it was the most strategic and visionary AU ever, as Autodesk flexes its muscles in both technical and...

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ESI’s Q3 stalls, momentum expected in Q4

While the US was busy with turkey day, ESI announced Q3 results that show strength in Europe that did not offset weakness in other parts of the world. License revenue continues to hold steady, though without much growth momentum, while the “refocusing” of the services...

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Appreciating …

Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US, a holiday that celebrates family, friends and good food. It also reminds us to be grateful for all that is in our lives. My list is long, and it includes you -- for reading this blog, emailing your thoughts and challenging me when...

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Autodesk customers flocking to subs, boost FQ3

Autodesk reported results last night that show its transition to subscriptions is picking up steam. Total revenue was up 11% to $618 million, knocking both its own forecast of around $600 million and the investment analyst consensus out of the park. Delcam, acquired...

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Quickie: Cimatron’s Q3 up 8% y/y

Cimatron just reported results for Q3. Revenue  was up 8% year/year to $11.2 million, making it the 18th consecutive quarter with year/year revenue growth in constant currencies. The company has been pressured to articulate a strategy for additive manufacturing, for...

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Philae lands and tweets!

We take a break from our earnings and conference coverage for a space update: Rosetta's little Philae probe has landed! Philae sent back this picture, taken from a height of 3 km just before it landed at around 11AM ET: All sorts of cool images and video are...

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AVEVA announces H1, inline with September reset

AVEVA today announced fiscal H1 2015 revenue of £86 million, down 21% year/year -- basically as announced in October. The good news: no new bad news. I still need to parse the details, but at a high level: The company reported strength in China, India and parts of...

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Take a break and watch Engineering Happiness

I'm on a plane, making my way to the Dassault Systèmes 3D Experience Forum in Las Vegas. You, however, have Wifi so connect your speakers and groove to this lovely video: Bentley showed this last week at the start of the Year...

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PTC beats Q4 expectations; disappoints on F15 outlook

So, it's 11 PM here in London, Bentley's Year in Infrastructure winners have been announced (and they're partying hard downstairs -- congrats to you and all of the finalists; it was a tough, tough contest)  but back in the real world, PTC announced results for Q4 and...

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MuM’s VAR business strong — own software, too

Mensch und Maschine Software, Autodesk's largest European reseller but also a software developer in its own right, just announced Q3 results that were, well, darned good. Revenue was up 14% year/year (y/y) to €32 million. Revenue from the company's own software was up...

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