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MuM had “best Q1 in company’s history”

Now, that's a headline. We're all worrying about how the switch to subscriptions across the software universe affects the software creators and their reseller partners, and how many will be unable to manage the cash flow implications of the change -- and here's one...

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PTC surprised by subs, DS continues to roll

It's a big day in PLMish earnings, as PTC reported last night and Dassault Systèmes this morning. We'll get to details in other posts but here are the highlights: PTC continues to struggle with the mix of traditional and subscription licensing, causing revenue to come...

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Autodesk adds to its renderers, buys Solid Angle

Autodesk just announced that it has acquired Solid Angle, maker of Arnold, a ray-tracing image renderer for high-quality 3D animation and visual effects creation. Arnold was co-developed with Sony Pictures Imageworks and is now their main renderer. Autodesk says...

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Quickie: Yokogawa closes KBC acquisition

Back in February, Yokogawa outbid AspenTech for KBC, the UK software developer and consultancy focused on operational optimization for the oil and gas industry. The deal needed to be approved by UK regulators, which happened on April 5, and on April 7 both boards of...

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Altair makes waves, snaps up AWE

Altair is one of my favorite companies -- but I don't get the chance to write about it as often as I'd like because it's not publicly traded and so we miss those four chances per year to take a deeper dive. Why do I admire them? Because they dance to their own...

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Are you on a path to obsolescence?

No, not you personally but your IT? How many different backup types do you have, cluttering up your environment? Just from my desk, I can see audio and data cartridges, CDs, DVDs. and USB drives of all sorts. In my filing cabinets, I'm pretty sure I've got big...

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Geometric to be acquired by HCL

When we think of PLM, we tend to focus on the biggest of the big: Siemens PLM, Dassault Systemes, Autodesk, ANSYS, and so on -- but these companies rely on a host of component developers, outside software development resources and integration partners to bring their...

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Aconex & Hexagon acquisitions keep up the pace in AEC

The world of engineering software had blistering pace of acquisitions at the start of the year, slowed a bit but seems to be picking up steam again. Two came across the wires in the last few days: First, Aconex announced that it is acquiring Conject for €65 million....

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Autodesk’s REAL explores capture/compute/create

Autodesk’s REAL conference last week was a mashup of technology, both market-ready and in the creation stage, and scientific, artistic and business endeavors that show how why this tech matters. Like last year, it was fascinating; unlike last year, we’re seeing...

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Exa’s Q4 beats, highlights cloud success

Exa Corp. last night announced results that definitely bucked the trend -- recall that ANSYS and DS both reported simulation results that were good but not expectation-beating. Exa's Q4 revenue was $18.3 million, up 8% year/year as reported and up 13% in constant...

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Yay! Stratasys sees slow return to growth in 2016

There's hope in the world of 3D printers! Stratasys announced earnings just now and provided guidance for 2016 that looks pretty good. Not awesome, mind you, but: Total revenue for Q4 was $173 million, down 20% from a year ago Citing weak demand from industrial...

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Autodesk’s Q4 sets the stage for a bumpy FY17

As you know, Autodesk is in the midst of a transition from hefty upfront fees to a steadier stream of subscription revenue. The company's recently announced Q4 results highlight both the positives and negatives of the change -- but there was also a lot of good,...

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ANSYS Q4 revenue up 4%, at low end of guidance

ANSYS just reported that Q4 revenue was $252 million, up 4% year/year, for a total of $943 million in 2015, up 8%. CEO Jim Cashman said in prepared remarks that the "fourth quarter presented us with a combination of both challenges and opportunities ... Q4 revenue...

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ASSESSing the future of CAE

I've been thinking a lot about simulation: who should be doing it, where it fits in a design process, how can we involve more people in using and creating these tools ... And there are no easy answers. Quick, throw-away reactions are that everyone should be...

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Q&A Tuesday: Treehouses, WiFi, CAE & PLM – oh my

People find the Schnitger Corp. website in all sorts of ways, looking for a lot of different information. [Did you know we now have over 1,000 blog posts with maybe a million words -- yikes.] Here are a couple of search terms that led people to this website and I need...

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