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Siemens unleashes the potential of 3D printing

Ahh, Fall! Here in the Northern hemisphere, a time of cooler temperatures, changing foliage and ... PLMish conferences. Analyst events, user conferences, product launches -- it's a busy time in our little world. In order to keep up with it all, I'm switching it up a...

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Altair revs its rendering engine

Altair announced today that it has acquired Solid Iris Technologies, maker of the Thea Render photorealistic rendering engine that's already in use in Altair's solidThinking Evolve concept design solution. Thea Render results are gorgeous --check out the gallery,...

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Quickie: GE all in on 3D printing

General Electric, the global megacorp that includes aircraft engines in its huge manufacturing portfolio, announced today that it is acquiring two European 3D printing companies for a total of $1.4 billion, making ever more real its vision to supply more complex...

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Big changes coming at ANSYS

ANSYS just announced that longtime CEO Jim Cashman will be stepping aside as CEO but will remain with ANSYS as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Taking the CEO reins will be Dr. Ajei Gopal, who has been a member of ANSYS' Board since 2011. Dr. Gopal became President...

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Quickies: Acquisitions continue in the PLMish world

Just because you're lying on a beach, don't assume everyone is. We've had a couple of acquisition announcements come across the transom in the last week, and they're noteworthy. SofTech continues its shift in focus away from PLM. You may have known Softech for CADRA...

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Q&A Friday: CD-adapco and CAE at the Olympics

It's a gorgeous summer day here in New England -- a perfect time for a little A to some of the Qs that have come in to the Schnitger Corp. website: Who is the CEO of CD-adapco? Bob Ryan has been the CEO of CD-adapco since June. You may know Mr. Ryan from his time at...

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PTC’s FQ3 shows surprising demand for subs

It's big-boy PLMish earnings week and, so far, so good. PTC on Wednesday (and Dassault Systèmes on Thursday, blog post in the works) reported that demand remains solid. PTC customers' appetite for subscriptions continues to surprise as it came in significantly ahead...

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Quickie: DS to acquire CST for €220 million

Dassault Systèmes announced its Q2 results this morning (good, acceleration expected in the second half of the year) and also said that it has agreed to acquire acquire Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST), a maker of electromagnetic and electronics simulation, for...

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Platforms take CAE’s digital twin to real life

If you think about it, we are at the convergence of a number of technological trends that will change how we design products, even as those products become complicated combos of mechanical, electronic, software and control systems. But it's not all technology; how we...

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Autodesk acquires PCB design for Fusion 360

Interesting. I just saw that Autodesk has acquired Cadsoft Computer GmbH, a German company, from Premier Farnell. Premier Farnell distributes electronics components though many different channels, including online markets,and maintains the element14 online...

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PLM’s platform play

Platforms are hot right now, but they’re hardly a new idea. I learned a few weeks ago from Dr. Marshall Van Alstyne (whose research is accessible here) that newspapers, which connect advertisers to consumers, are platforms. HMOs connect physicians and patients....

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