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Quickie: AVEVA reports positive momentum in CQ3

Schneider Electric reported Q3 results today, so AVEVA (partly owned by Schneider Electric) also issued a quick statement about its progress in the six months ended September 30. The company said that it "achieved low double-digit" (constant currency) revenue growth,...

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Quickie: PTC’s Q4 revenue up 7%

This is going to be very quick, because I haven't had time to listen to the earnings call replay -- but I can report that PTC saw total revenue up 7% (up 9% in constant currencies) in its fiscal Q4 to $335 million, beating Wall Street's expectations. That, plus the...

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Quickie: PTC acquires Onshape

PTC and Onshape just announced that they're teaming up to, as Onshape founder Jon Hirschtick puts it "broaden the scope of what we deliver to [customers[, and broaden our reach in the market to bring Onshape to more users even faster." In a letter to customers, Mr....

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Quickie: MuM says Q3 revenue up 38%

Mensch and Machine Software just announced Q3 results that show revenue was up 38% on a combination of high organic growth boosted by "strong figures" from SOFiSTiK, in which MuM recently increased its stake. Why does this matter? MuM is probably Autodesk's largest...

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Altair, more than the sum of its parts

Quick: What do you think of when I say Altair? HyperMesh? OptiStruct? SolidThinking? Datawatch? Tokens/subscriptions/Units? Yeah - me, too. But I learned at Altair’s global Technology Conference last week that it’s much, much more than that. Yes, the company buys a...

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Altair gets further into EDA, acquiring Polliwog

It's early early in Detroit (the sun's not even glimmer on the horizon) and we're already seeing news come out of Altair's Technology Conference --its annual user event-- that, I'm sure we'll learn a lot more about as the day goes on. Anyway, Altair announced that it...

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Trimble snaps up Cityworks for asset management

I am often asked what municipalities and other owners of bigger/older/not-all-digital assets can do to get in on the whole digital twin thing that the media (and I, to be fair) keep going on about. My usual message: start somewhere, with what you have. Figure out what...

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AVEVA is all in on digital transformation

If we believe Harvard Business Review (and they usually know what they're talking about), "the failure rate for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) sits between 70 percent and 90 percent." [The original article is behind a paywall; go here for a synopsis.] Lots of...

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ESI’s first half shows progress

ESI Group, the French CAE company, last week reported results for the quarter and half-year ended 31 July. For the half, revenue was up 3% as reported and up 0.4% in constant currencies (cc) to €55 million; for the quarter, total revenue was €28 million, up 5% (up 2%...

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Quickie: Siemens invests in Built Robotics

So much news these days: TechCrunch reported yesterday that Siemens AG has participated in a $33 million Series B financing round at Built Robotics via its Next47 investment division, joining other investors Building Ventures, Founders Fund, Presidio Ventures, Lemnos...

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Siemens snaps up partner PSE for process design

If you pay attention to the process industries (oil and gas, chemicals, and so on), you'll know that much of the economic decision-making rests on the design of the chemical processes that transform crude into heating oil or petroleum by-products into commodity...

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Quickie: ANSYS to acquire LS-DYNA

Technically, ANSYS will acquire Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC), maker of LS-DYNA but, ya know ... And it's a BIG bucks deal: ANSYS will pay a purchase price $775 million, 60% cash and 40% via the issuance of ANSYS common stock to the current owners...

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What’s in a name?

If you're Siemens, apparently it's plenty. If you tuned into the PLMish news last week, you'll likely know that Siemens PLM Software is now Siemens Digital Industries Software and that the overarching umbrella brand for that software is Xcelerator. Why, you rightly...

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Quickie: RIB invests in US Autodesk reseller

Now this is interesting: RIB, the German maker of the iTWO/MTWO* BIM-focused solution set for the construction industry, just announced that it has acquired a 60% share of U.S. CAD, an Autodesk reseller based in California and with offices across the Western US....

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AI hits the commercial mainstream

I've been getting a lot of questions about AI --what is it, how do I use it, what data do I need to gather to feed the machine, what does it even MEAN?? (very angsty, usually in an "am I already behind" panic)-- and thought I'd try to answer some of the questions...

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Altair’s Q2 solid, Q3? Hmmm

Altair has had a rough time since announcing their Q2 results earlier this month, with the stock down 10% since the news hit the wires. Why? Investors were seemed OK with the Q2 report but were underwhelmed by the company's guidance for Q3 and the year as a whole....

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ANSYS hit Q2 out of the park

One giant deal, several large deals and new accounting rules helped ANSYS report a Q2 that knocked most metrics out of the park**. Details are below, but the main takeaway, for me, of ANSYS' Q2 is this: being a one-stop shop matters. Having the ability to support a...

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Hexagon’s Q2 dragged down by troubles in China

Hexagon last week reported Q2 results that expanded on their preannouncement earlier in July. Weakness in China led to an overall revenue decline of 1% on an organic basis -- though the company reports that revenue from China declined 25%, so clearly grew nicely...

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