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AVEVA’s H1 benefits from solid execution

Q: How do you put together two very different companies, in the hope that 1+1 > 2?A: Very carefully.AVEVA today reported that revenue for the first half of fiscal 2019 were £343 million, up 11% as reported and up 14% in constant currencies (cc)....

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PTC buys Frustum, as gen des heats up

Not sure what gen des is? Generative design is the use of assistive technologies to help refine a design. Need a chair to hold a certain sized person? Give a gen des tool a set of parameters, and let it design the chair for you -- that's called topology...

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AU 2018 goes convergent

For the first time in years, I had to leave AU before the bitter end. It’s for a work commitment, so 100% necessary, but it means that this writeup doesn’t cover what will happen in the AEC and manufacturing keynotes, which took place after I...

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Eek – not secure???

You may have noticed that your browser throws up a little warning that Schnitger Corp's website is not secure. That's currently true because we've run into an IT-gremlin issue related to SSL certificates. We're working on a fix and hope to turn...

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Quickie: SigmaTEK acquired by Battery Ventures

Super quick because I'm knee-deep in earnings news: Battery Ventures announced yesterday that it has acquired SigmaTEK Systems, makers of the SigmaNEST nesting solution. Nesting is the process of taking the flattened versions of 3D parts like...

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Very sad news: Chuck Grindstaff has died

I'm sorry to tell you that Chuck Grindstaff, former CEO of Siemens PLM and long-time PLMer, has died. To the left is Siemens' stock photo of Chuck but it's so formal and posed -- and Chuck never was. He was usually pacing and gesturing, passionately...

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AVEVA says H1 went well

Oh so many earnings this week! So far, the news has been mostly positive as customers are buying to plan. PTC continues its march to subscriptions (and caused endless kerfuffles on the earnings call because it's adopting a new accounting...

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Hexagon acquires Bricsys for AEC workflows

Hexagon just announced that it has acquired Bricsys, a company that's been around a long time and keeps reinventing itself -- most recently, as a provider of open, collaborative solutions for the construction CAD market with BricsCAD. BricsCAD...

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Quickie: Altair acquires SIMSOLID

Taking a break from all things Bentley, Altair just announced that it has acquired SIMSOLID, the company based on the notion that we shouldn't need to create a mesh in order to run a simulation. Founded by Ken Welch and Victor Apanovitch, they...

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