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Nemetschek reports revenue up 21% in 2019

It's a big day for PLMish earnings, with Siemens, Hexagon and Nemetschek all announcing results for the year ending quarter, so let's get right to it. Nemetschek issued preliminary results which include only big-picture numbers -- and they're pretty amazing: Total...

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Hexagon adds to its GIS CaaS offering

You could be forgiven for not realizing that Hexagon, besides offering lots of design, engineering and manufacturing technology, also sells data. In fact, that was a major feature of Hexagon's Capital Markets Day back in 2014 or 2015, right after it acquired North...

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A bit more on the ANSYS / Aras OEM deal

I had a number of questions about the new / upgraded relationship between ANSYS and Aras that was announced last week and reached out to both companies for more details. ANSYS VP Strategy and Partnerships Sin Min Yap told me the following; his comments are preceded by...

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PLM goes green?

I believe in science. In the null hypothesis. In finding the root cause. And science says we are not doing nearly enough to reverse the damage already done to our planet by our homes, factories, cars, ships and planes, and to prevent further climate change. So when I...

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Aras & ANSYS team up but no acquisition

This just came into the inbox: Aras Licenses Platform to ANSYS in Strategic OEM Deal Partnership will enable better processes and data management of simulations for digital thread traceability across the lifecycle You know Aras, the open source PLM platform, and you...

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At AU 2019, AEC continued to rule

Did I go to AU in 2019? Why, yes, I did. But I had the flu so only participated in a fraction of what was going on and only now have the time to share what I learned. 13,000 people, 13,000 stories and I only got a tiny bit, sigh. Since I had to narrow down, I focused...

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Altair starts 2020 with an EMAG deal

Surprise! One of the PLMish world's most acquisitive companies has done it again: Altair announced today that it has snapped up Spain's newFASANT, which makes software used for high-frequency electromagnetic analysis. newFASANT was founded in 2010, a spin-off from the...

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Do we even still fax?

Hello and welcome back! I hope you had a bit of time off at the year-end and are not stressing too much over how many cookies you might (or might not, we'll never know) have consumed. I'm easing back in and discovered this marvelous headline among all of the emails...

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Quickie: Nemetschek adds to its media brands

Just across the newswire (well, into the inbox since that's how it all works nowadays): Nemetschek, best known for its BIM brands Allplan and Graphisoft, also has a media and entertainment division called Maxon. Nemetschek says that Maxon will merge with a company...

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Quickie: FieldView now part of Vela Software

Just saw the press release: on November 8, 2019, Intelligent Light announced that it had sold the right to develop, sell and support FieldView to Vela Software International, the company that bought Tecplot four years ago. According to the press release, and with no...

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Quickie: ESI’s Q3 goes to plan

ESI yesterday released Q3 results that show ... no real change. The company's reinvention continues. Revenue in Q3 was €28.6 million, up 2% as reported and down 1% in constant currencies (cc). Software license revenue was up 1% (but down 3% cc) to €20.7 million....

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