Quickie: Autodesk completes Upchain acquisition

May 12, 2021 | Hot Topics

Autodesk just announced that its acquisition of Upchain is a done deal. Many of you have asked about Autodesk’s plans for integration of Upchain and Fusion 360 / Vault / Forge — and we should start seeing more information, now that the teams can actually start work. Scott Reese, Autodesk’s EVP Product Development & Manufacturing Solutions wrote in a blog post that

The addition of Upchain to the Autodesk portfolio accelerates our mission to deliver the next-generation software platform for design and manufacturing and creates more value for customers by removing collaboration barriers and increasing efficiency and resiliency

Upchain is native to the cloud … open and extensible, [that] bridges gaps in data and process management workflows … That’s a powerful package that, when combined with existing Autodesk offerings like Fusion 360, will profoundly simplify data sharing and collaboration for engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, and other product stakeholders, enabling them to bring innovative products to market more quickly and with better business outcomes … Autodesk is rapidly building momentum in the manufacturing space, now converging our robust design-and-make capabilities with these new design-and-make processes in the cloud.

No real new news, but the clock starts ticking now, on a roadmap that rationalizes Autodesk’s PDM and PLM offerings.