Quickie: Siemens adds UltraSoC to its semiconductor design offering

Jun 23, 2020 | Hot Topics

Siemens just announced that it will acquire UltraSoC Technologies Ltd., maker of instrumentation and analytics solutions that “put intelligent monitoring, cybersecurity, and functional safety capabilities into the core hardware of system-on-chip (SoC)”. UltraSoC describes itself as providing a modular semiconductor IP platform that allows chip development teams to create capable, highly flexible on-chip monitoring and analytics infrastructures. These can be used both as a part of an SoC’s inherent functionality and as a development tool that dramatically accelerates and de-risks the entire process of producing a chip”.

UltraSoC’s solutions allow users to embed monitoring hardware into complex SoCs to enable “fab-to-field” analytics that “accelerate silicon bring-up, optimize product performance, and confirm that devices are operating “as designed” for functional safety and cybersecurity purposes”, says Siemens.

Siemens plans to integrate UltraSoC’s technology into Mentor’s Tessent software offering Siemens believes that the combination will “benefit the entire semiconductor product lifecycle, including structural, electrical, and functional capabilities of SoCs. It also supports Siemens’ comprehensive digital twin with UltraSoC providing monitoring of the real device”.

The acquisition is due to close in Q4 of Siemens’ fiscal year — meaning, before the end of September 2020. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.