Quickie: FieldView now part of Vela Software

Nov 29, 2019 | Hot Topics

Just saw the press release: on November 8, 2019, Intelligent Light announced that it had sold the right to develop, sell and support FieldView to Vela Software International, the company that bought Tecplot four years ago. According to the press release, and with no supporting evidence (though I haven’t heard anything to the contrary), Intelligent Light said that Vela “has helped the Tecplot business thrive to the benefit of Tecplot users worldwide”.

Steve Legensky, Founder and President of Intelligent Light said, “When I decided to spin out the FieldView product, I was looking for a home for the FieldView team that would ensure that FieldView had a bright future and would continue to provide the same level of excellence in CFD post-processing to our customers. Seeing how Vela helped Tecplot grow, I felt good about trusting them with FieldView. Spinning out FieldView enables Intelligent Light to focus on serving the CFD community with tools for data management, in situ and extract workflows, data analytics, engineering risk reduction and workflow optimization.”

Yves-Marie Lefebvre, formerly FieldView Product Chief, will head up the new company as the FieldView Business Director. M. Lefebvre is quoted in the press release as saying, “While there is no plan to merge Tecplot and FieldView, we will be looking for opportunities to improve interoperability. In addition, we will continue to draw on the research team at Intelligent Light for cutting edge technologies in the areas of large data handling and data analytics. Best of all, Tecplot and FieldView users won’t have to choose one or the other tool but can continue to rely on both tools for their individual strengths.”

Mr. Legensky said that Vela “have contracted me to act as a technology consultant for both FieldView CFD and Tecplot. I am excited by the opportunity to help customers through FieldView, Tecplot and Intelligent Light synergies.”

Vela Software CEO John Billowits said, “We look forward to maintaining and improving FieldView over the years to come while continuing to provide the world-class support that users expect.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The press release is official, though FieldView is still listed on the Intelligent Light website and has yet to appear on Vela’s. Go figure.

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