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Bentley acquires environmental water modeling software

Bentley acquires environmental water modeling software

Oct 10, 2017 | Hot Topics

I’m at Bentley Systems’ Year in Infrastructure conference in Singapore and there’s so much news to cover. At some point. Right now, I need to tell you that CEO Greg Bentley has announced the acquisition of the water modeling software business of ACTION Modulers, a Portuguese developer of tools that apply numerical techniques to simulating the environment. ACTION’s modeling software products include MOHID Studio, ACTION Server, ACTION Flood, ACTION Forecast, ACTION Seaport, ACTION Beach, and ACTION Weather. These solutions model, for example, flooding due to overflowing drainage systems, or the environmental impact of pollutants distributed by water flow, tides, and winds. Given the impact water is currently having on parts of the US, the Caribbean and other regions, this technology is increasingly important for urban planning, infrastructure development and, I would think, disaster preparedness. No details of the acquisition were given.

There are ten other press releases to pore over, including product enhancements and a couple of clever-sounding new developments in Bentley’s iModel technology, additions to Bentley SELECT CONNECTservices that will provide Microsoft Azure-based learning and collaboration to cloud-based application users, and a nifty new Design Insights Service that will automate relative estimates of structural safety, cost, schedule change or other parameters between design iterations. I need to learn much more about all of this before writing more extensively about any one thing.

Stay tuned …

Note: Bentley graciously covered some of the expenses associated with my participation in the event but did not in any way influence the content of this post. The title image is a Bentley Shareable image of the Marina Bay Sands, where YII is taking place, and other iconic structures on Singapore’s waterfront. Amazing place. 

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