Carl Bass REAL 2015I’m at REAL 2015, the reality capture/compute/create event hosted by Autodesk in San Francisco. It’s been stunning so far to hear from artists, museum curators, city planners, architects, builders and others how they view today’s emerging technologies — and the benefits they’re seeing from blurring the line created by the screen on our computer monitors. Before heading off to day 2, let’s take a quick peek at the earnings news coming out today. ANSYS reported that Q4 revenue was up 8% to $254 million. CEO Jim Cashman said “[w]e had a very strong finish to the year, achieving record revenue and earnings, both of which surpassed the high end of our expectations. Most importantly, we delivered double digit revenue growth in constant currency for the quarter. We also reached an historic milestone for the Company in 2014, surpassing $1 billion in total sales bookings, which contributed to record cash flows that increased 16% over FY 2013 … We achieved widespread success across our three major geographies, with the U.S., Japan and Germany all delivering double-digit GAAP and non-GAAP revenue growth in constant currency in Q4. We also continued to return capital to our stockholders through the repurchase of 1.5 million shares in the fourth quarter, and recently achieved the $200 million near-term share repurchase goal that we announced in our last earnings press release.” Lots more after I listen to the earnings call replay. 3D Systems also reported Q4 and full year 2014 results. For Q4, the company reported record revenue of $187 million, a 21% increase over Q4 2013 “despite significant foreign currency headwinds that reduced total revenue by some $6 million during the quarter”. There are lots of details to parse, but at a first read, the highlights appear to be sales of direct metals and into healthcare, which the company says surpassed industry growth rates, and sales to consumers, where revenue increased 68% y/y. Revenue from EMEA was up 46% y/y, with 28% organic growth. “Channel productivity, primarily in North America, fell well short of the company’s expectations, restricting total organic growth to 7% for the quarter”. FARO reported last night. Sales in Q4 were up 16% to $104.2 million. CEO Jay Freeland said that “[m]arket demand remained strong in the fourth quarter. We entered 2015 by launching a brand new product for the Company, the FARO Freestyle, an innovative, hand-held 3D Laser Scanner. We also announced the acquisition of ARAS 360, a leader in accident and crime scene reconstruction software. In the year ahead, we will continue driving towards our longer term model of mid-teens organic growth, accelerating product innovation, and capitalizing on market opportunities to expand our offerings.” Tonight our host, Autodesk, announces its Q4 and fiscal 2015 results. But first, there’s more scanning, photogrammetry, processing and making to talk about. Follow along on Twitter at #REAL2015.

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