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Intergraph snaps up GT STRUDL for analysis, nuclear industry

EarningsYesterday, Hexagon’s Intergraph Process, Power & Marine (PP&M) group announced the acquisition of GT STRUDL and its 10-person development team from the Georgia Tech Research Corporation. If you do any sort of structural modeling in the AEC/process/plant world, odds are you learned GT STRUDL in college and use it daily. (In case you’re wondering, GT = Georgia Tech; STRUDL = STRUctural Design Language.)

GT STRUDL integrates modeling, analysis and results display and now includes finite static, dynamic, and nonlinear analyses, structural frame design, graphical result display, and structural database management into a powerful menu driven information processing system. Of huge importance to Intergraph (but by no means unique), GT STRUDL’s software certification process conforms to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy Quality Assurance and Quality Control regulations.

Dr. Leroy Emkin and Dr. Kenneth Will, founders and co-directors of the CASE Center, which develops and markets GT STRUDL said that Intergraph’s acquisition “accelerate[s] our vision of further improving structural engineering with cutting-edge technology to aid the engineering design decision-making process. Intergraph’s global reach provides many opportunities to expand into new markets and go more deeply into our existing ones. We have always viewed Intergraph as a leader in the industry and along with the entire CASE Center team, are very pleased to join Intergraph. This is also great news for our loyal users, as our active user group and annual meetings have been an invaluable resource and major part of our success that we aim to maintain and grow within Intergraph.”

Current users should see little change, as Intergraph said it will honor current maintenance agreements, supplying support, maintenance and software upgrades. In an email to customers, PP&M President Gerhard Sallinger said that Intergraph remains commitment to further research and development for GT STRUDL.

Mr. Sallinger pointed out that the acquisition brings gives Intergraph a “successful and well-established structural analysis and design program, heavily focused on the growing global nuclear power, general plant design, and offshore industry markets … [which] allows us to provide our global SmartPlant Enterprise EPC and owner operator customers an even greater comprehensive and interoperable solution to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.”

If you’re a GT STRUDL customer and wonder what this means to you, go to Intergraph’s FAQ here.

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