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A bit OT: The power of community

One of the best aspects of SolidWorks World every year is the sense of community one feels. It starts in the airport when a bunch of people pile onto the plane and start up conversations based on a backpack or shirt from a prior event. Keeps going on the flight as those conversations span rows and aisles, while people compare experiences and share expertise. Once we arrive at the conference location, you can almost feel people’s excitement to be with people like them, part of a community. They may work alone in their companies, but here, for a week, they’re part of the majority.

After SolidWorks World this year I did something else that’s very community: I went to a  quick high school reunion. The first in 30 years. Why? Because one of my classmates is now a VIP in Washington DC, and this was our chance to tell her how proud we are of her. She works in a capacity that doesn’t let me actually tell you anything about our visit, but I think I can share this photo of my classmates, as we awaited her arrival:

In all, it was an intense round of community. And do you know what, it was AWESOME! Here’s what I learned:

OK. That’s probably enough since you’ve undoubtedly gotten the point: Communities are a valuable way of connecting, helping, and  sharing. For more information on the SolidWorks User Group Network (aka SWUGN), go here. For the AutoCAD community, sponsored by Autodesk, go here. The brand-new Solid Edge Social Community can be found here, on the SolidDNA website (with a tip of the hat to There are lots more user groups out there; a bit of Googling will help you find yours if I didn’t list it. Now walk away from the computer and interact with some human beings!

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