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You get what you measure

An interesting tweet came across the Twitter timeline today: “Most important reason to measure – to know what’s working and what’s not“ from @abelniak retweeting @amyblack and it got me thinking. Knowing what’s working and what isn’t is probably the … Continue reading

Social media changes some of the rules

In business school we were taught that businesses should engage with prospects in a systematic, organized way, moving them through a standard set of steps to purchase:awareness –> consideration –> preference –> trial –> purchase.The Internet and the access is … Continue reading

Are you social?

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about PLM’s efforts to engage in social media, so it’s time for an update. On a somewhat depressing note, not that much has changed. Yet. And that’s the good news: a number of … Continue reading

Hmm … CFD results via Twitter

Every so often, someone comes along and does something I honestly would not have thought of: Symscape, a UK CAE vendor, announced recently that release 2.0.1 of its Caedium product includes “the world’s first automated simulation telemetry system for posting … Continue reading

Twitter Top 10

As many of you know, I’ve been experimenting on Twitter: checking out what the PLM companies are doing (not much) and trying to figure out who is doing Twitter well, with a view to getting that out there so that … Continue reading

Three tools to measure Twitter success

Many companies look at hits on a website, clickthroughs from advertising, numbers of “friends” and mentions in blogs (to name just a few) to measure the success of online activities. I’m not sure that these are meaningful, but how can … Continue reading

Social media can lead to problems, threaten success

Interesting lessons to be learned as a vendor tiptoes the line between success and disaster: A vendor (nowhere near the engineering software/PLM world) sent out an email announcing the imminent release of a new product. With permission, this email was … Continue reading

What makes good Twitter?

Week two (week one) in the Twitterverse is a study in contradictions. There’s almost nothing of a PLMish nature to report; none of the vendors I elected to follow tweeted anything of substance while companies more experienced in interacting this … Continue reading

Microblogging here to stay?

Wow. The Wall Street Journal says that Twitter is about to close a $100 million round of new venture capital funding that will value the company at $1 billion. The real problem, of course is that Twitter has yet to … Continue reading

Adventures in the Twitter world

Since I wrote earlier in the week about PLM and social media, I decided to step up to the bat and join Twitter. Signing up for the account was ridiculously easy — which is why you occasionally see a celebrity … Continue reading