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PTC sort of preannounces FQ2, workforce realignment

PTC just announced that revenue for the quarter ended April 4 will be slightly above the midpoint of prior guidance of $305 million to $320 million, with license and subscription revenue slightly below the mid-point of the $80 million to … Continue reading

PTC’s FQ1 conference call was a masterpiece

PTC’s fiscal first quarter wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t a disaster — but the company’s handling of its conference call with analysts was truly masterful. As teenagers, we all learned that if we didn’t want to tell our parents something, … Continue reading

PTC paints a mixed picture for FQ1

It wasn’t the best possible Q1 but it could have been a lot worse. PTC reported that total revenue was basically flat with last year at $325 million, as it encourages customers to switch to subscriptions and copes with a discouraging manufacturing … Continue reading

PTC says FQ4 at or above expectations, restructures anyway

Hot off the presses from PTC: Basically, PTC says that FQ4 revenue will be at or above the high end of earlier guidance ($340 million to $355 million), and that Axeda will add another $4 million to $5 million in revenue on top … Continue reading

PTC moves away from the pack, stays firmly in it

Last week PTC announced solid fiscal third quarter performance, another IoT acquisition and, perhaps most heartening for its core constituency, surprising growth in the CAD business. I covered this all when it happened, but it deserves more attention. Without a doubt, the headline is … Continue reading

PTC reports Q3 at top end of guidance; acquires for IoT

Remember how the bar was set for all earnings calls a few weeks ago, when Alcoa raised the bar for all financial results to come? Well, PTC just did the same to the PLMish universe — and announced an acquisition, too. … Continue reading

Get ready! Earnings are starting …

No, we’re not changing our focus to industrials! Yesterday did, however, mark the start of earnings season with Alcoa  announcing that Q2 was far better than expected, which raises the bar for all other earnings releases to come. Alcoa said that … Continue reading

PTC Live: CAD, PLM, Services, IoT – lots of IoT

PTC had a tough balancing act last week at its Live Global event: act like a CAD and PLM company for the majority of the attendees, help a smaller but vibrant community of manufacturers develop their services delivery capabilities while … Continue reading

GrabCAD’s PDM Workbench: design collaboration in minutes

I know you’re all looking for posts on this week’s PTC Live Global and PTC Live Service Exchange, and I’ll get to those, but I need to fill you in on a little shindig GrabCAD threw on Tuesday. You know about … Continue reading

Morning coffee: patents, deals and Björk

Welcome to a shiny new week! I’ll be at PTC Live Global, the first user conference that will feature PTC’s combo of CAD + PLM + ALM + SLM+ IoT + well, whatever other initials come out of it. Last … Continue reading