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Rethinking simulation — should you?

Not long ago, I was at a user conference and started chatting with the person sitting next to me. Interesting guy, works for a company that makes plastic doohickeys. We’re talking about his design challenges, and how he wants to … Continue reading

Too many CAD systems? Read on …

As you may know, I’ve been blogging over at the PTC Creo website, trying to address the issues CAD users and managers ask about most often. This week’s post explores what to do if you find yourself with too many CAD systems. A surprising … Continue reading

Look up … Look around … CAD+?

My second blog post went live yesterday over at the PTC Creo website. We’re continuing the discussion of whether you need a new CAD system and the pros and cons of switching, focusing this week on how today’s “CAD” systems offer so … Continue reading

Morning coffee: PTC’s FQ1, SolidWorks World & so much more

We’re trying something new. So much happens during the typical week that, by Friday, we’ve forgotten most of it in a TGIF haze. Come Monday, we need to reboot and wrap our minds around it all again. To help you … Continue reading

PTC’s Q1 call blends caution, excitement

PTC kicked off earnings in style last night, providing more details on the barebones announcement made in December with the acquisition of ThingWorx. The Internet of Things (IoT) was a big topic on the investor call as PTC continues to … Continue reading

Quickies: DS/Realtime & ADSK/Delcam inch closer; Softech, Stratasys earnings news

So much news, so little time. A quick listing of what’s captured our imagination lately. On the acquisition front, two deals have moved forward a bit. If you remember, Dassault Systèmes announced back in December that it was acquiring a controlling … Continue reading

Your dishwasher talks to the IoT; now what?

PTC last month announced that it was acquiring ThingWorx, a company that develops and markets platforms to connect things to the Internet, an important step that enables makers of cars, dishwasher, industrial equipment and so on to monitor usage and … Continue reading

PTC closes year with an IoT acquisition

Well, that’s cool. PTC may have won the prize for last acquisition in 2013, snapping up ThingWorx for $112 million plus a possible earn-out of up to $18 million. PTC’s press release says that ThingWorx, which markets a platform that enables companies to … Continue reading

PTC’s 2013 — what a difference a Q makes!

Sometimes you can hear glee over the phone wire, can’t you? At roughly the same time that Dassault Systèmes announced that it missed its September quarter objectives, PTC’s CEO Jim Heppelmann was telling Wall Street that total revenue for the quarter … Continue reading

PTC levels up its global support offering

At PTC Live in June I had the chance to sit down with PTC execs to learn more about the company’s revamped services offering. I was impressed by what PTC is trying to do to grow its relationship with customers beyond … Continue reading