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Q&A: VARs, AspenTech, Nastran and more

It’s always fascinating to see what brings people to the Schnitger Corp. website. Some of it makes sense: I write about PLM and you want to know about PLM — boom! Sometimes, though, it’s not so obvious … Do you really … Continue reading

MSC acquires Simufact for forming, welding

MSC Software just announced that it has acquired Simufact, maker of Simufact.forming and Simufact.welding, nonlinear simulation software technology for manufacturers. Yes, for forming and welding — it costs a lot of money to trial these manufacturing processes, and Simufact’s solutions have been … Continue reading

MSC’s Apex rising to simulation’s challenges

What do we most often hear, when talking to people about why they don’t do simulation, or don’t do more simulation? It’s usually one of more of three things: It’s too hard and experts are too expensive (or not needed constantly, … Continue reading

Morning coffee: BRIC troubles and Reading Rainbows

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend, and forgot all about work. Let’s get caught up with recent news. It’s the Economy … The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) were the engines of the world’s economic growth and a … Continue reading

Morning coffee: investor news, China & bees

Happy Monday! Last week was a big one, with all of the regular news plus International Pi Day and the 25th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee’s proposal for what we know today as the Internet. Sir Berners-Lee used the occasion to call for … Continue reading

Quickies: PTC & Accelrys acquire; you, too, can become an FEA master

Hi team, A week of travel and jury duty have kept me from posting as much as normal, but here are a couple of things to know about while I work on more substantial write-ups of the Siemens PLM analyst … Continue reading

SIMULIA shines the spotlight on topology optimization

Dassault Systèmes recently announced the acquisition of FE-DESIGN Group, makers of TOSCA for topology optimization. DS’ SIMULIA brand had already released a TOSCA-based Abaqus product, Abaqus ATOM, and the relationship between SIMULIA and FE-DESIGN was good, so why the acquisition? Why … Continue reading

CAE competence management: are we ready?

There’s an apocryphal story in CAE: A number of years ago, an auto company decided to see how consistently CAE was applied across its organization. Management asked a number of individual analysts to solve the same problem using the same … Continue reading

MSC’s Digimat opens up use of advanced materials

MSC Software last month announced that it had acquired e-Xstream engineering, most known for its Digimat products for advanced materials simulation. This acquisition follows on the heels of a partnerships between MSC and HBM-nCode for fatigue testing, giving MSC what … Continue reading

Buy, buy, buy: DDD, Autodesk, Bentley, MSC, The Foundry

I go away for a couple of days, and what happens: merger mania. We’ll dive into a one or two of these in more detail as the week goes on, but here are the high points: 3D Systems acquires a company … Continue reading