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Quickie: London, bristling with infrastructure projects

Yesterday marked the start of the 2014 edition of Bentley’s Year In Infrastructure conference. COO Malcolm Walter told us that he counted over 100 cranes while looking out the window at Bentley’s London offices –and I can see something like … Continue reading

Quickies: AEC earnings show upswing in construction

Time to catch up! Nearly 15 companies reported September quarter earnings while I was away, so to get a the general sense of what they’re reporting I’m going to be summarizing them all over the next few weeks. Today, we’re … Continue reading

Bentley Inspired by Infrastructure

Bentley Systems’ Be Inspired awards felt different this year. It’s always a showcase of tough, complex infrastructure problems like righting the Costa Concordia, bringing clean water to underserved populations, or building a massive rail structure under a vibrant city that … Continue reading

Autodesk’s Dynamo changes conceptual design

Have you ever sat though a 4+ hour meeting? You get kinda dozey, right? That happened to me a few weeks ago as I was listening to Autodesk’s investor day presentations. It was long, there were interesting bits, but …. … Continue reading

Bentley expands offshore offering with MOSES

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work on how the offshore industry does design and analysis (more about that soon, I hope) and have a deep appreciation for what goes into the design, fabrication, transportation and installation of these … Continue reading

Trimble adds more automation to the job site

Have you ever wondered how a construction site works? It’s much more complicated  — and way higher-tech — than most people realize. Trimble has been on a mission over the last 5 years or so to bring technology to the job … Continue reading

AVEVA very happy with F13 results, has “a lot more in the tank”

CEOs lead interesting lives. In an interview with the CNBC Squawk Box team in the UK, AVEVA’s CEO Richard Longdon was asked if the company’s new Everything 3D (E3D) product was “CAD for smart people”. Well, yes — but the … Continue reading

Earnings update, AEC edition — a mixed bag

This earnings season has been incredibly busy and I have fallen far, far behind in summarizing the highlights. To try to catch up a bit, I’ll be grouping these companies by general product category for you, since that’s so much … Continue reading

DS reports OK Q1, adds FE-DESIGN & Archividéo

Dassault Systèmes’ earnings announcements are usually a welter of numbers, currencies, products, markets and geographies. Today, DS threw two acquisitions into the mix, too. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s see what it all means. DS reports that the … Continue reading

Myanmar highlights infrastructure opportunity

A fascinating article caught my eye earlier this week; it perfectly sums up all that is wrong with our infrastructure and the significant benefits if only we could summon the will (and cash) to fix it. The country of Myanmar … Continue reading