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Autodesk adds 74k subscribers in Q2, way more than anticipated

A few weeks ago, Autodesk announced results for its second quarter that beat expectations, caused Wall Street to go all giddy and then pull back once the exuberance bubble burst. Why? It seems that most analysts grabbed onto 74,000 subscribers … Continue reading

Quickies: New record for Cimatron, ANSYS at midpoint in Q4

Last night Autodesk, today ANSYS and Cimatron — oh my. There’s lots more to say about Autodesk’s results but, as a lead-in to Cimatron, Autodesk CEO Carl Bass said the following about its recent acquisition of Delcam: “All of a … Continue reading

Autodesk: suites up, revenue down in license model transition

Autodesk just reported that fiscal Q4 revenue was $587 million, down 3% as reported, leading to a 2% decline in revenue for the year, to $2,312 million. Part of that decline is due to buyers choosing subscriptions, and Autodesk offering … Continue reading

Morning coffee: economy, earnings, deals & news

Welcome to a new week! Since we know you had an excellent weekend, overdosing on Olympic coverage, you forgot all that happened last week. Pour yourself a hot beverage and let’s do a quick recap. It’s the Economy … According … Continue reading

Quickies: DS announces Q4 results, Autodesk/Delcam closes

It’s a busy news day in PLMland, so the details will have to come later — but here’s what we know now. Dassault Systèmes reports that Q4 revenue was €565 million, essentially flat with last year and up 5% in constant … Continue reading

Quickies: DS/Realtime & ADSK/Delcam inch closer; Softech, Stratasys earnings news

So much news, so little time. A quick listing of what’s captured our imagination lately. On the acquisition front, two deals have moved forward a bit. If you remember, Dassault Systèmes announced back in December that it was acquiring a controlling … Continue reading

Autodesk goes CAM!

Autodesk announced this week that it is offering £20.75 per share (for a total of about £172.5 million) to acquire Delcam, the publicly traded UK-based vendor of CAM-specific CAD, manufacturing and inspection solutions. Delcam reported 2012 revenue of £47.1 million, making the … Continue reading

CAM Earnings: Manufacturing the future

While some of us are on a beach, sipping drinks with little umbrellas, others are busily telling Wall Street (or London City) what’s going on in their businesses. Today, we’ll take a quick look at recent earnings from CAM vendors … Continue reading

Rounding out earnings: Delcam and MuM set records

We’re just about done with companies reporting earnings for the year ended December 31, 2012, and it was, by all appearances, a solid year. Lots of uncertainty about what lies ahead but, in general, most companies saw an increase in … Continue reading

Quickies: Aras, Autodesk, AVEVA, Bentley Pointools, Delcam, Hexagon, PTC

Hi, everybody! I have something like 5 blog posts in various states of completion but last week’s SolidWorks World, followed by 3 days of hanging out with adorable but sneezy munchkins at Disney and Universal and then a quick high … Continue reading