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PLMish focus on big data continues: ANSYS snaps up Gear Design

ANSYS just announced that it is merging with Gear Design Solutions, Inc., a provider of big data analytics to the electronics industry. Gear is tiny, with “more than 10 employees”, so it’s not clear why this is a merger and not an … Continue reading

AVEVA grows its steel fab offerings, acquires FabTrol

It’s not even dawn here in Boston and I’m at the airport, waiting to board a flight to Las Vegas and the Hexagon user conference — and this comes into the inbox on my phone: AVEVA will acquire FabTrol Systems, Inc. … Continue reading

Update: DS and Modelon, not a total acquisition

Dassault Systèmes yesterday announced that it had acquired Modelon Gmbh but wasn’t really clear about the details. A number of you emailed and tweeted to ask for more information; here’s what I’ve learned: DS acquired Modelon AB’s 45% stake in Modelon GmbH, … Continue reading

Quickie: DS rocks Q1, acquires Modelon

Heading out to day 2 of the Siemens Oil and Gas Innovations Conference but wanted to take a quick peek at Dassault Systèmes Q1 results, reported early this morning. On the surface, DS knocked Q1 out of the park, soundly beating its … Continue reading

ESI acquires Ciespace to bring CAE to the masses

Add together acquisitive leanings and the trend to all things cloud, and what do you get? ESI yesterday announced that it has acquired Ciespace, which appears to have figured out a way to get around performance , scalability and real-time collaboration issues … Continue reading

Altair scales up with Multiscale Design Systems

Acquisition news continues to roll. Yesterday, Altair announced that it has acquired Multiscale Design Systems, makers of the MDS suite of products that enable modeling, simulation, testing and optimization using multiple spatial and temporal scales. I know, I know: what does that mean? Composites, … Continue reading

ESI goes big — data, that is

ESI Group is on a roll, announcing two acquisitions in less than a week. Today, the company said it is acquiring the assets of Picviz Labs, which creates data-mining and cyber-security technologies. Picviz Inspector enables users to examine large, complex datasets while other Picviz … Continue reading

Hexagon acquires Q-DAS for factory optimization

Two acquisitions in a weekend — consolidation continues as engineering software suppliers broaden their reach, hunt for new customers and deepen their hold on existing clients. We wrote on Saturday about ESI’s acquisition of CIVITEC, which will enable it to add advanced … Continue reading

ESI gets deeper into automotive controls

ESI announced today that it is acquiring CIVITEC, maker of Pro-SiVIC, a platform for the modeling and simulation of sensors in what it calls “perception assistance systems”. You’ve seen the commercial for the car that parallel parks itself: how does it … Continue reading

Very quick: Intergraph acquires Visual Vessel Design

Dashing to the airport (from warm and lovely San Diego, to a cold and possibly snowy Boston — what am I thinking?!) and just got an email announcing that Intergraph has acquired Ohmtech, makers of Visual Vessel Design, an analytical … Continue reading