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Behind the hype with ENOVIA

It’s time for an update. You’ve asked lots of questions about Dassault Systèmes (DS) 3D EXPERIENCEs and how this ties into the DS products you may be using. I’ve answered you from the perspective of DS as a whole, based … Continue reading

Morning coffee: deals, a coming IPO & lots of other news

Welcome to your Monday! Last week was a doozie, so let’s get right to it. It’s the Economy … We’ve got good news, bad news and good news. On the good news side, US employers added 192,000 jobs in March. … Continue reading

Exa: strong end to FY14; optimistic for FY15

Exa Corporation, maker of PowerFlow and related CFD applications, reported results last night that delighted investors enough to boost the share up 11% at the open and up 4% as things calm down a bit in mid-day trading. One investor … Continue reading

Morning coffee: buying, selling and surveys

Welcome to a new week! We hope you had a fabulous weekend. Here in New England, we’re veering between lovely spring weather and cold winter, with snow in the forecast yet again. Sorry that this post is later than usual; … Continue reading

Morning coffee: investor news, China & bees

Happy Monday! Last week was a big one, with all of the regular news plus International Pi Day and the 25th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee’s proposal for what we know today as the Internet. Sir Berners-Lee used the occasion to call for … Continue reading

Accelrys announces slight uptick in revenue

Accelrys, the chemistry and materials modeling and simulation company that’s currently a Dassault Systèmes acquisition target, just announced that revenue for the quarter and year ended December 31, 2013 was up 5% to $47 million and up 4% to $169 million … Continue reading

Morning coffee: Valentines, sports, earnings and more

Happy Monday! If you’re in the US, odds are you have the day off. Traditionally, you’d be out car shopping but you’re probably still in your jammies, watching the Olympics. Great men’s hockey game on Saturday, huh? Shame it had … Continue reading

DS acquiring growth to bolster lackluster organic performance

Dassault Systèmes last week announced its fourth quarter and full-year 2013 results (summarized here). The company hosted a presentation for analysts as well as a conference call, and we’ve finally had time to comb through both for interesting nuggets. The … Continue reading

Morning coffee: economy, earnings, deals & news

Welcome to a new week! Since we know you had an excellent weekend, overdosing on Olympic coverage, you forgot all that happened last week. Pour yourself a hot beverage and let’s do a quick recap. It’s the Economy … According … Continue reading

Quickies: DS announces Q4 results, Autodesk/Delcam closes

It’s a busy news day in PLMland, so the details will have to come later — but here’s what we know now. Dassault Systèmes reports that Q4 revenue was €565 million, essentially flat with last year and up 5% in constant … Continue reading