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3D Systems snaps up Cimatron for just under $100 million

3D Systems and Cimatron today announced that 3D Systems will acquire all outstanding shares of Cimatron for $8.97 per share in cash for a total of around $97 million, including cash. That $8.97 is a 48% premium to Cimatron’s closing price on the … Continue reading

Quickie: Cimatron’s Q3 up 8% y/y

Cimatron just reported results for Q3. Revenue  was up 8% year/year to $11.2 million, making it the 18th consecutive quarter with year/year revenue growth in constant currencies. The company has been pressured to articulate a strategy for additive manufacturing, for competing with Delcam … Continue reading

Morning coffee: earnings & manufacturing at the White House

Happy Monday! We hope you had an excellent weekend and that your favorite movie won big at the Oscars. Pour a cup and let’s do a quick recap of last week as we warm up to a new one. It’s … Continue reading

Quickies: New record for Cimatron, ANSYS at midpoint in Q4

Last night Autodesk, today ANSYS and Cimatron — oh my. There’s lots more to say about Autodesk’s results but, as a lead-in to Cimatron, Autodesk CEO Carl Bass said the following about its recent acquisition of Delcam: “All of a … Continue reading

3D Systems preannounces, shocks Wall Street

3D Systems Corporation today preannounced results for Q4 that sent its share price tumbling, down 20% at 11AM Eastern. The topline news is good: full year revenue is expected to be around $513 million, just below the midpoint of its … Continue reading

CAM Earnings: Manufacturing the future

While some of us are on a beach, sipping drinks with little umbrellas, others are busily telling Wall Street (or London City) what’s going on in their businesses. Today, we’ll take a quick look at recent earnings from CAM vendors … Continue reading

Cimatron shares tumble after earnings release

Cimatron is a funny little company whose shares are traded on both the NASDAQ in the US and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel. Even so, not one investor asked a question during the earnings call, which meant it … Continue reading

Cimatron reports record revenue, says 2013 off to good start

Hope you had a great weekend! This week is off to a good start, as Cimatron  announced record revenue for both its fourth quarter and fiscal 2012 — a combination that led to record profits and cash flow. Even better, … Continue reading

Quickies: Cimatron and SGI earnings

Last week had a slew of earnings news, some of which was good and some, not so great. We learned a bit more about how Cimatron’s revenue stacks up, and heard about SGI’s plans for reinvention (again). Read on … … Continue reading

Q1 recap/Q2 preview: What we’ll be looking for

As we prepare ourselves for the onslaught of Q2 earnings reports, it’s helpful to look back at Q1 to see patterns that (perhaps) foreshadow future results and identify areas that were causes for concern last quarter. To help with this … Continue reading