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Vero snapped up by … Hexagon?

Early today, Hexagon announced that it is acquiring Vero Software, the UK CAM company that itself is a composite of brands like Alphacam, Edgecam, Radan, SURFCAM, VISI, Cabinet Vision, and WorkNC. To call it “Vero” isn’t complete but it does the job: Vero … Continue reading

Rethinking CAM: Let’s Go Back to Where It All Began

Did you know that CAD technology came about, in part, to feed our growing need for advanced manufacturing processes? By the 1970s, even the best machine operators couldn’t manually generate the instructions for machining complex automotive and aerospace shapes and 3D … Continue reading

Morning coffee: economy, earnings, deals & news

Welcome to a new week! Since we know you had an excellent weekend, overdosing on Olympic coverage, you forgot all that happened last week. Pour yourself a hot beverage and let’s do a quick recap. It’s the Economy … According … Continue reading

2014 is just around the corner so let’s recap

Hope you’re enjoying your year-end holidays! Skiing? Sunning? Playing? We’re still trying to unplug (but failing miserably) and recharge (naps, lots of naps) before 2014 arrives, so this blog is going to be short and sweet. 2013 was a year … Continue reading

AU: Intersection of CAM, clouds and reality

Autodesk University 2013 was a huge, loud, in-your-face explosion of all things related to making stuff. In this context, “stuff” could be manufactured goods, buildings, bridges, movies or just about anything else you could imagine. I’ve written a bit about … Continue reading

Autodesk goes CAM!

Autodesk announced this week that it is offering £20.75 per share (for a total of about £172.5 million) to acquire Delcam, the publicly traded UK-based vendor of CAM-specific CAD, manufacturing and inspection solutions. Delcam reported 2012 revenue of £47.1 million, making the … Continue reading

CAM Earnings: Manufacturing the future

While some of us are on a beach, sipping drinks with little umbrellas, others are busily telling Wall Street (or London City) what’s going on in their businesses. Today, we’ll take a quick look at recent earnings from CAM vendors … Continue reading

3D Systems moves into metal, snaps up Phenix

Not surprisingly, while a lot of us were at PTC’s Live Global user conference in Anaheim this week, everyone else was doing … whatever they were doing. And that, it turns out was quite a bit. 3D Systems Acquires (Most … Continue reading

Cimatron shares tumble after earnings release

Cimatron is a funny little company whose shares are traded on both the NASDAQ in the US and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel. Even so, not one investor asked a question during the earnings call, which meant it … Continue reading

Cimatron reports record revenue, says 2013 off to good start

Hope you had a great weekend! This week is off to a good start, as Cimatron  announced record revenue for both its fourth quarter and fiscal 2012 — a combination that led to record profits and cash flow. Even better, … Continue reading