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Q&A: VARs, AspenTech, Nastran and more

It’s always fascinating to see what brings people to the Schnitger Corp. website. Some of it makes sense: I write about PLM and you want to know about PLM — boom! Sometimes, though, it’s not so obvious … Do you really … Continue reading

Reaching that one customer in a PLMish landscape

I’ve attended a lot of engineering software company events over the last 6 weeks or so and find myself wondering: how can these vendors balance serving their long-term core user bases even as their offerings branch out and get more complex? The … Continue reading

Autodesk’s Q1 revenue up 9%; outlook less rosy

Autodesk just reported Q1 results that are pretty good, but investors are likely to focus on rising costs and a gloomier outlook for the rest of the year. Total revenue in Q1 was $647 million, up 9% as reported and up 13% … Continue reading

REAL 2015 showcases opportunities in capture, compute & create

What do custom-made dresses for Dita Von Teese, military airfield runways, Ebola containment/patient care and museum displays have in common? Thinking … thinking … At as first glance, not much. But all were prominently featured at last week’s REAL 2015, … Continue reading

Autodesk’s FQ4 caps off a great year

Last night, Autodesk reported results for fiscal Q4 and fiscal 2015 (ended January 31) that, well, beat just about all expectations. I need to study the details but: Total revenue was up 13% percent to $665 million in FQ4, versus an analyst … Continue reading

So much news — so little time: ADSK, ANSS, SSYS

Wow – what a day. And it’s not even 9AM! First up, Autodesk says that most new commercial seats of standalone software will be sold via subscription beginning on February 1, 2016. From the company’s perspective, this move creates revenue … Continue reading

AU 2014: a potent mix of strategy and tactics

I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around Autodesk University and am still not sure what my main takeaways are — and it ended almost two weeks ago! On the one hand, it was the most strategic and visionary AU ever, … Continue reading

Autodesk customers flocking to subs, boost FQ3

Autodesk reported results last night that show its transition to subscriptions is picking up steam. Total revenue was up 11% to $618 million, knocking both its own forecast of around $600 million and the investment analyst consensus out of the … Continue reading

Autodesk Accelerate: Customers talk PLM 360

Heard over and over in Boston’s District Hall last week: “I got a trial license of PLM 360, played with it for 6* months (although I was still doing my real job most of the time) and then started rolling out … Continue reading

Trimble consolidating AEC at DS’ expense

Trimble Navigation today announced that it has acquired Gehry Technologies (GT), a venture created by architect Frank Gehry a decade ago to build design and project collaboration technology to help bring his big, complicated, signature building projects to completion. You may recall that … Continue reading