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Morning coffee: hockey, the economy & recalls

Happy Monday! We spent the weekend in Philadelphia, a traditional destination for history lovers and foodies. This year, Philadelphia also played host to the US college NCAA Frozen Four hockey tournament. The four best college hockey teams in the land played … Continue reading

Morning coffee: deals, a coming IPO & lots of other news

Welcome to your Monday! Last week was a doozie, so let’s get right to it. It’s the Economy … We’ve got good news, bad news and good news. On the good news side, US employers added 192,000 jobs in March. … Continue reading

Morning coffee: buying, selling and surveys

Welcome to a new week! We hope you had a fabulous weekend. Here in New England, we’re veering between lovely spring weather and cold winter, with snow in the forecast yet again. Sorry that this post is later than usual; … Continue reading

Creative Market + Autodesk brings “mousemade” to makers

According to TechCrunch, Autodesk just acquired Creative Market, a startup that acts as a marketplace for digital content like fonts, icons and templates. Autodesk hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but TechCrunch cites a blog post by Creative Market founder … Continue reading

Morning coffee: deals, grants and the budget

Happy Monday! Did you remember to change your clock on Sunday? If you’re in the US, you lost an hour of sleep this weekend. If you’re not, please understand that your US colleagues are sleep-deprived and feeling like we’re all … Continue reading

Autodesk’s Q4: license transition, AEC strength

Let’s do a little math, shall we? If we buy software at Staples for $5,000, Staples gets $5,000 and the creator of the software gets maybe $3,000 of that. Assuming we don’t buy any more, in 5 years, the vendor … Continue reading

Morning coffee: earnings & manufacturing at the White House

Happy Monday! We hope you had an excellent weekend and that your favorite movie won big at the Oscars. Pour a cup and let’s do a quick recap of last week as we warm up to a new one. It’s … Continue reading

Quickies: New record for Cimatron, ANSYS at midpoint in Q4

Last night Autodesk, today ANSYS and Cimatron — oh my. There’s lots more to say about Autodesk’s results but, as a lead-in to Cimatron, Autodesk CEO Carl Bass said the following about its recent acquisition of Delcam: “All of a … Continue reading

Autodesk: suites up, revenue down in license model transition

Autodesk just reported that fiscal Q4 revenue was $587 million, down 3% as reported, leading to a 2% decline in revenue for the year, to $2,312 million. Part of that decline is due to buyers choosing subscriptions, and Autodesk offering … Continue reading

MuM Q4 shows return to normal growth

Mensch und Maschine, Autodesk’s largest reseller in Europe and maker of the OPEN MIND line of CAM software, reported preliminary results for 2013 that showed the year finished strong. If you recall, sales had slowed during Q2, accelerated a bit … Continue reading