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Q&A: VARs, AspenTech, Nastran and more

It’s always fascinating to see what brings people to the Schnitger Corp. website. Some of it makes sense: I write about PLM and you want to know about PLM — boom! Sometimes, though, it’s not so obvious … Do you really … Continue reading

Morning coffee: deals, a coming IPO & lots of other news

Welcome to your Monday! Last week was a doozie, so let’s get right to it. It’s the Economy … We’ve got good news, bad news and good news. On the good news side, US employers added 192,000 jobs in March. … Continue reading

Deals in AEC and 3D printing — no Foolin’

Remember how I wrote on Monday that the PLMish world was quiet, at least as far as acquisitions were concerned? I spoke too soon! Yesterday we learned of three deals, one in process modeling and two in 3D printing. Neither … Continue reading

Morning coffee: PTC’s FQ1, SolidWorks World & so much more

We’re trying something new. So much happens during the typical week that, by Friday, we’ve forgotten most of it in a TGIF haze. Come Monday, we need to reboot and wrap our minds around it all again. To help you … Continue reading

Earnings update, AEC edition — a mixed bag

This earnings season has been incredibly busy and I have fallen far, far behind in summarizing the highlights. To try to catch up a bit, I’ll be grouping these companies by general product category for you, since that’s so much … Continue reading

Quickies: Uncertain economy drags down March quarter

It’s a busy week for earnings reports from engineering software companies. While I work on longer-form reports, here are a few quotes from my notes. Note that these are not 100% representative of the company’s March quarter reports — in … Continue reading

Buy some more: AspenTech and Siemens announce acquisitions

Yesterday, I marveled at how many acquisitions have gone down in the engineering software world in the last 10 days or so — and today, we add two more to that list. The Siemens Industry Automation Division announced that it has … Continue reading

AspenTech revenue up 23% in F12

AspenTech, maker of aspenONE for chemical process and plant optimization, yesterday announced that fourth quarter revenue was $64 million, up 22% from a year ago, leading to total revenue for fiscal 2012 of $243 million, up 23% over last year. … Continue reading

AspenTech CEO: “A year ahead of plan” in Q3

Aspen Technology’s transition from a perpetual sales model to one based on subscriptions continues. For the quarter ended March 31, AspenTech’s FQ3, total revenue was $61 million, up increased 17% from $52.6 million a year ago. Subscription and software revenue … Continue reading

Quickies: AspenTech, Cimatron, Comet & MuM

Trying to keep up with the news flow isn’t easy this week! Here are a few tidbits that might have escaped your notice: Aspen Tech has acquired SolidSim Engineering GmbH, a provider of solids process modeling software. It’s a natural combination, … Continue reading