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Reaching that one customer in a PLMish landscape

I’ve attended a lot of engineering software company events over the last 6 weeks or so and find myself wondering: how can these vendors balance serving their long-term core user bases even as their offerings branch out and get more complex? The … Continue reading

Altair scales up with Multiscale Design Systems

Acquisition news continues to roll. Yesterday, Altair announced that it has acquired Multiscale Design Systems, makers of the MDS suite of products that enable modeling, simulation, testing and optimization using multiple spatial and temporal scales. I know, I know: what does that mean? Composites, … Continue reading

Altair to acquire VisSim for embedded systems design

Altair today announced that it is acquiring Visual Solutions, makers of the VisSim graphical block diagram language for modeling and simulating complex dynamic systems, including embedded systems. Visual Solutions says it has over 250,000 users worldwide, scientists and engineers in process control, aerospace, mechatronics, … Continue reading

Quickie: Altair closes FEKO acquisition

Altair said today that it finally closed the acquisition of EM Software & Systems (EMSS), first announced back in December 2013. I am trying to get details, but suspect roping in the South African company’s distributor offices in the United States, Germany, … Continue reading

Altair appifies CFD

We take a break from the streak of earnings and acquisitions to focus on CAE — specifically, CFD. Earlier this year, John Chawner of Pointwise highlighted a survey which found that “58% of engineers aren’t prepared for running CFD. Keeping in … Continue reading

Quickies: new year’s news round-up

Happy New Year and welcome back! So much happened as we swapped 2013 calendars for 2014 (and dealt with blizzards, ships stuck in the ice and goodness-knows-what) that we all need a bit of a recap. In no particular order: … Continue reading

Altair adds EMSS to its portfolio

Altair Engineering just announced that it is acquiring EM Software & Systems (EMSS), developer of the FEKO electromagnetic simulation suite. EMSS has actually been around since the 1990s but, as a South African company, has struggled to be known on an … Continue reading

SIMULIA shines the spotlight on topology optimization

Dassault Systèmes recently announced the acquisition of FE-DESIGN Group, makers of TOSCA for topology optimization. DS’ SIMULIA brand had already released a TOSCA-based Abaqus product, Abaqus ATOM, and the relationship between SIMULIA and FE-DESIGN was good, so why the acquisition? Why … Continue reading

Altair, buses and astronauts

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to spend a few days at the 2012 Americas edition of Altair’s HyperWorks Technology Conference. Over 800 people heard Altair; T.K. Mattingly of Apollo 13 and Apollo 16 fame and a NASA … Continue reading

Acquisition mania

I’ve been working on a mid-year update of my market numbers for CAE (which show better than expected growth to date in 2011) and am stunned by the rapid pace of acquisitions we’ve seen this year. It’s one thing to … Continue reading