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Quickies: Acquisitions continue in the PLMish world

Just because you're lying on a beach, don't assume everyone is. We've had a couple of acquisition announcements come across the transom in the last week, and they're noteworthy. SofTech continues its shift in focus away from PLM. You may have known Softech for CADRA...

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Q&A Friday: CD-adapco and CAE at the Olympics

It's a gorgeous summer day here in New England -- a perfect time for a little A to some of the Qs that have come in to the Schnitger Corp. website: Who is the CEO of CD-adapco? Bob Ryan has been the CEO of CD-adapco since June. You may know Mr. Ryan from his time at...

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PTC’s FQ3 shows surprising demand for subs

It's big-boy PLMish earnings week and, so far, so good. PTC on Wednesday (and Dassault Systèmes on Thursday, blog post in the works) reported that demand remains solid. PTC customers' appetite for subscriptions continues to surprise as it came in significantly ahead...

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Quickie: DS to acquire CST for €220 million

Dassault Systèmes announced its Q2 results this morning (good, acceleration expected in the second half of the year) and also said that it has agreed to acquire acquire Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST), a maker of electromagnetic and electronics simulation, for...

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