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MuM says 2017 is off to a “pleasant” start

What a nice way to start a week: an earnings report that includes the word "pleasant". Too often, it's all business gobbledy-gook; we all know what "pleasant" means. Not stressful, satisfactory, generally positive, moving in the right direction ... Of course, all is...

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AVEVA’s update previews revenue growth in F17

AVEVA today gave an update on its performance for the fiscal year that ended 31 March 2017. And it was, as usual, a terse 2-sentence statement:  The Board is pleased to report that the Group's results, assisted by positive currency translation effects, show a return...

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Done! Siemens closes Mentor acquisition

Siemens just announced that it has closed the Mentor Graphics acquisition, adding all sorts of EDA and CFD goodness to its portfolio. A quick recap of the particulars: On November 14, 2016, Siemens announced that it would offer Mentor shareholders $37.25 per share in...

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