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Read this: Where oil rigs go to die

The world of offshore oil has seen cycles of boom and bust, huge investments in risky locations followed by project cancellations and layoffs. There's the human cost, for sure, but there's also a fleet of unused assets. What happens to them? How do we go from the...

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Q1 in AEC: looks like 2017 is a breakout year

You (and investors and entrepreneurs and many others) often ask me how the AEC market is accepting the technologies that discrete manufacturing has long relied on: 3D design, using a model as reference and not just drawings, managing those models and related...

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Quickie: DS’ Q1 shows solid start to 2017

As always, there's a lot to unpack in a Dassault Systèmes earnings release, so here are the bare facts while I catch up on the earnings calls, presentations and press releases: Total revenue in Q1 was €760 million, up 10% as reported and up 7% in constant currencies...

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MSC is now part of the Hexagon family

A quick update: Hexagon just announced that its acquisition of MSC Software is complete, since it has obtained all of the regulatory approvals it needed for the deal. Hexagon sees this as very strategic, enabling it to "connect the traditionally separate stages of...

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MuM says 2017 is off to a “pleasant” start

What a nice way to start a week: an earnings report that includes the word "pleasant". Too often, it's all business gobbledy-gook; we all know what "pleasant" means. Not stressful, satisfactory, generally positive, moving in the right direction ... Of course, all is...

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AVEVA’s update previews revenue growth in F17

AVEVA today gave an update on its performance for the fiscal year that ended 31 March 2017. And it was, as usual, a terse 2-sentence statement:  The Board is pleased to report that the Group's results, assisted by positive currency translation effects, show a return...

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