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AVEVA’s FY16 was OK, despite end-market turmoil

Most of the questions I am asked these days revolve around three things: the cloud, licensing models and how does the situation in end-market X affect vendor Y. Lately, X = oil and Y = AVEVA because of the massive uncertainty in the oil and gas world due to...

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Vela Software acquires Tecplot

Tecplot, Inc., a leading provider of visual data analysis software for engineers and scientists in the aerospace and oil & gas vertical markets, today announced that it has been acquired by Vela Software, an operating group of Constellation Software, Inc. If...

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AEC earnings recap: CQ1 was middling to strong

I've been writing about a lot of the PLMish companies that focus on the automotive, aerospace and other discreet manufacturing industries and not devoting enough "ink" to AECish vendors -- many of whom are doing incredibly cool things. So here's a recap of recent...

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Openness — will you know it when you see it?

I like transparency (but not in clothing. Leave something to the imagination, people!). If you're a merchant and don't accept returns after a certain period, tell the buyer and make the sign BIG. If you advertise that a plane ticket costs $100, make sure that includes...

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ANSYS Q1 was a combo of platforms & headwinds

ANSYS just reported financial results for the first quarter of 2016. It wasn't a bad quarter, overall, but it certainly wasn't one that beat expectations. Tough comparable, the continued slowdown in the semiconductor industry, new sales heads that are yet to be...

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