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Siemens shines at Chicago’s DMDII

Siemens held another one of its innovation days a few weeks ago, this time at the UI LABS DMDII facility in Chicago. I’ve attended several of these at Siemens HQ in Munich; this was the first I’ve been to at a neutral site and the focus was...

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Oracle + Aconex is a done deal

It was a long time coming because of all of the regulatory hurdles but Aconex is now a part of Oracle. A quick recap, and then why this matters even if you're outside the typical AEC/construction world. Oracle has been acquiring to build out...

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ESI’s Q4 returns to license growth

You have spoken: you're not fans of long blog posts that summarize a clump of earnings all at once, nor do you want to wait until the last of a bunch of companies publishes results to read the post. So we're back to the old scheme, one company...

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Hexagon moves further into construction tech

A couple of years ago, at a HxGN Live, Hexagon's Process Power and Marine group announced its entry into BIM -- but not BIM as the rest of the world understood it at the time, a design tool. No, PP&M was going to repurpose existing assets for...

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It’s Pi Day!

Yes, the Boston area is digging out from the third major storm in two weeks, much of the news is lousy and uncertain -- but it's Pi Day! Today is March 14, which the US writes as 3/14 or perhaps 3.14. Hmm. That looks suspiciously like the first few digits...

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What the heck is CFIUS, anyway?

A few of you have written to ask why the approval of a US government agency called CFIUS held up the AVEVA/Schneider merger, and to ask why a US government body even cared about the combination of a UK-listed company and a Paris-listed company....

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