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Strategic Discovery — Market Insight

Discrete Manufacturing

Ground and air transportation, electronics, medical devices … all must adopt new technologies to remain viable in the face of changing competitive dynamics

Process Industries

Operators must safely extend the life of existing assets; new assets must be designed to keep both capital & operating costs low. In both cases, engineering IT is a key enabler

Shipbuilding & Offshore

The marine market is naval & commercial; transport & in-place; undersea & above. In many ways, it stands to gain the most from advances in engineering IT

Building & Infrastructure

The built environment surrounds us and has the potential to improve the daily lives of billions. Smarter designs, better infrastructure management and new materials lead the way

Schnitger Corp. is passionate about the business of engineering IT: CAD/CAM, CAE, PLM and the other technologies used to create the world around us. We deliver conservative market intelligence to help you be more informed, make better decisions and run your business with less risk. We help our clients find new opportunities, craft portfolio and sales strategies and take part in product launches. We speak about market dynamics and write about what leading practitioners have learned as they implemented these technologies. Most important, we act as an external sounding board for your ideas. Sometimes, the biggest benefit of working with us is our independent perspective, based on a long history in this market. Learn more about us and see some of our recent projects.

The technology used to create the objects we rely on is complicated. Our Hot Topics blog tries to clear up some of the confusion. Our most recent post:

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